Heart Attack​/​/​Hold Your Position

by The Draymin

  • Limited Edition CD
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Comes in a high quality jewel case cd single package with original artwork by Scott Hunter, lyrics also in sleevenote.

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Released 7th May 2010. Limited Edition 200 copies *SOLD OUT*


released May 7, 2010

Written and performed by The Draymin.

Recorded by Bruce Rintoul at Lofi Studios, Glasgow, Scotland.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Heart Attack
Bells ringing and a town will cry, a voice echoed from the past will blow your mind
Souls singing through an old glass eye, still looking through the dust they left behind
Seers reading from a sense supplied, in a trance with a hope for a new reply
Bells ringing for a passer by, a voice echoes in the past I left behind

This heart attack is coming back, don’t faint
You’ve had enough of giving up, don’t wait
Your taking calls through crystal balls, your fate

Hold, thoughts which we are sold, watch as they unfold
Watch as they come back and attack, coming back and we crack
Sold, all those dreams are sold, all those thoughts controlled
All those thoughts come back, let it crack, let is shatter like a heart attack
Track Name: Hold Your Position
Cold in the morning, cold in the morning, hold your position, hold you position

Panic in the dead streets, you’ve got the anxious glow
You’re ticking on the outside, don’t let it blow
Listen to the war drum, so you beat in time
Hold your position, until you see the sign

What do you expect, join the line and pray
Promises, promises, but then they fade away
Fading of the war drum, and it’s slowing down
You’ve given up your life but they will wear your crown

Once more, you would die for, as you lay down everything
They can forget all those things, when you lay down everything